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My personal story

Dream big and start with one little step

We all have thousands of seeds in us, ideas, desires, inspirations that we have the choice to transform into action or not.

Some will grow easily, others will never germinate. It depends on a lot of factors. We can control some of them, but most are simply context-specific; to the quality of the soil, to the weather, to the slugs that might cut off the first leaves once your idea starts to grow. We can of course protect our young plants. We can defend them against certain external dangers by sheltering them under a greenhouse.

From experience, the seeds that germinate naturally, without any particular effort, are those that will give the most beautiful plants. They will have deep roots, resist droughts and diseases. Our society too often thinks that we must grow all ideas, exploit every little bit to get the most out of them. We force certain plants to survive when nature decided to let them die.

Do not mistake yourself. I am not saying that we should not fight for certain ideas. On the contrary even. I believe that some things grow, while everyone tries to smother them. An idea that is ready to be spoken will find a way. Some projects, whether surprising or disturbing, are just ready to see the light of day and whatever you do, at some point, they will find a little light to grow. What are the chances that a sunflower seed will find a crack of a few millimeters on a concrete pavement, without being eaten by a bird or ejected by the rain, to prove to the whole earth that it has the right to become a flower? Statistically, it's almost impossible. And yet, we see them every day, dandelions crying out loud and clear, "Fuck it, I'm showing the world who i am".

  • Business psychologist - Toulouse University

  • Professional coaching degree - IAE Toulouse

  • CCP Permaculture Steve Read

  • Espoirs Stade Toulousain

  • Blagnac Sporting Club Rugby - Pro D2

  • Austrian national team

  • High Mountain Infantry - military service

  • Father of a year old daughter

  • Permaculture designer

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