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" Ferdinand is more than a coach, he is an "unveiler". I started from a blurred picture of myself: in a few sessions, I eliminated the fog to reveal the woman I am and wish to be. Today we are working on the background, the eco-system that I will choose to fully blossom. By helping me to refocus on my real desires, needs, convictions, my life project takes shape. It's not just a matter of finding a new job... With Ferdinand, I'm working to align all aspects of my life. Each of my decisions is then a step towards a profound and lasting change, towards a more aligned and fairer life for me. Thanks Ferdinand!"


"You were able to bring me calm and confidence when I lacked so much, and it was not an easy job!!! Confidence in myself and in the future opportunities that present themselves to me today. Maybe that won't work. Maybe yes. In any case, I move forward serenely, because you have planted the seed of peace in me. So I want to thank you very warmly. You do an amazing job as a coach."


"I called on Ferdinand to support me in my retraining and quest for professional meaning. I have an extremely positive assessment of this support! Ferdinand has communicative energy and an incredible ability to listen. He was able to challenge me in a constructive and caring way, and he has a real talent for helping to grow the seeds that we have inside and transform our ideas and dreams into actions!"



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